The Birth of Rogue Shop

Rogue Shop

The Birth of Rogue Shop

So every business has a story and some are more exciting than others. Rogue Shop definitely has a story, if nothing else. We were just floating through life, Richard was a badass directional driller in the oilfield, slaying well after well. I was your typical suburban housewife with the sports practices, the laundry, the 3 square, homecooked meals a day, and the snacks…the never-ending snacks!! So then this thing called COVID-19 hit and everyone lost their jobs and we were sitting in our 3,000sq/ft house with a pool and wondering how long our savings would hold out. Richard had started helping out our friends who owned this amazing, living soil, no till hemp farm in Southern Oregon sell some of their products in Texas recently, so when they reached out to us and offered us asylum on their farm, it was kind of natural to want to be more involved in this project we felt so passionate about. Some people would fly out for a few weeks and stay at the farm, or maybe rent out their house while they stayed on the farm for a couple of months, just in case things didn’t work out. So naturally, we did the EXACT opposite of what most people would do…. we sold our house, took the profit and bought a 5th wheel travel trailer, and took to the road (hence the tag line-Rogue on the Road). So here we are now, in Oregon, on this incredible hemp farm, helping the owners of this family owned, hand sown, organically grown farm bring their amazing flower and hemp-derived products to health-conscious customers around the country! This has all gone down in the span of about 6 months and wow! has it been fun, insane, exhausting, amazing, etc. Farming ain’t easy, but Richard’s knees and my sleep are thankful EVERYDAY for the CBD products we are able to use and share.

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