Delta 8 Moon Rocks (Zkittlez) : Product Review

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Delta 8 Moon Rocks (Zkittlez) : Product Review

Did you know the delta 8 market seems to really be expanding rapidly with new and exciting products?  In fact, we know that it can be hard just to keep up with all the latest delta-8 trends.  However, one type of delta 8 product that’s becoming enormously popular is moon rocks.  This is simply CBD flower infused with delta 8 THC distillate and rolled in kief, delivering dazzling potency levels, a delta 8 psychoactive buzz and enhanced cannabinoid and terpene content thanks to the kief that coats each bud.  Smoked or vaped like traditional flower, it’s a gamechanger. So, it is no surprise then that Rogue Shop’s Delta 8 Moon Rocks (Zkittlez) are among the best you will find on out there today.

Packaging of Delta 8 Moon Rocks (Zkittlez)

Rogue Shop has really hit it out of the park with their packaging, instantly evoking images of a centuries-old Shop.  The packaging uses an old-world design to give the impression of artisanal practices and small-batch inventories that are a welcome breath of fresh air amidst a world of mass commercialization.  Sealed in an airtight matters quite a bit as it keeps the moon rocks sealed for freshness. Moon rocks, and all flower-based products, have a shelf life of about 6 months since the raw compounds of hemp are prone to oxidization.  But, with an airtight jar, you don’t have to worry about them degrading sooner than that.

This packaging also indicates all of the important things you need to know about the product, including what it’s made of, how much you’re getting and the strain of the product.


Transparency is a critical component to anyone who wants to know they’re getting the best hemp product possible.  And, Rogue Shop is a very transparent company that makes sure to let customers know exactly how their products are made.  When exploring these moon rocks, you’ll find all of the information down to the strain (Zkittlez) and how the delta 8 THC is infused into the product (dipped, not sprayed).  The company, which is a small family business, cultivates hemp flower at Willow Billy Farms in Oregon, a state known for yielding some of the best plant material anywhere in the country.

Variety in Delta 8 Moon Rocks (Zkittlez)

Delta 8 Moon Rocks come in two sizes: 3.5 grams and 7 grams.  It’s up to the user to choose the ideal quantity based on how quickly they anticipate going through the moon rocks.

Other Actives

Moon rocks are supposed to contain nothing but pure hemp compounds and no other added ingredients.  In general, smokable products avoid additives since many ingredients can be harmful, or at the very least, irritate the throat when inhaled.  However, you could consider the added hemp derivatives active ingredients that enhance raw flower.  The delta 8 THC distillate and the kief, which comes from high-CBG flower, do add more valuable properties to the user’s smoking session.

Overall Formula

Moon rocks are exactly as they should be –raw CBD flower buds, delta 8 THC distillate, and CBG kief.  Again, there are no added ingredients, and this is standard with moon rocks.  That being said, the formula is excellent as it is additive-free and contains only that which one would expect from this type of product.

The strain of hemp used to produce these Moon Rocks is Zkittlez, which is an indica that is known for offering balanced effects that make it great for different times of day.  It’s neither too mellow nor too uplifting, and that allows it to be a crowd pleaser.

Since the flower is dipped into delta 8 THC distillate rather than sprayed, many argue this is the best approach because it better incorporates delta 8 into the entire bud.


Our company values the practice of lab-testing through a third-party.  All of the products in the catalog have undergone a rigorous testing process through a registered laboratory that is authorized to analyze hemp as determined by the state.  Lab reports essentially look for purity, potency, quality, and chemical breakdown.

Flavor Profile

Skittlez is an indica strain with fruity-sweet tropical and zesty citrus notes.  It’s known for being one of the tastiest strains out there, with many comparing its flavor to that of its namesake.

Type of Experience to Expect

There are a few ways to utilize moon rocks.

Method #1: Smoke them through a pipe or by rolling them in papers

Method #2: Vaporize them with a dry herb vaporizer.

Method #3: Get your culinary skills on by infusing them into a butter or other type of fat.

Whichever way you use delta 8 moon rocks will determine the duration of their effects and how potently you feel them.

  • Inhalable methods acting within minutes, offering high potency and short activation time.
  • Edibles take up to a couple of hours max to become effective, feel mellower, and last for up to 8-hours.

Either way, you’ll be enjoying a mild psychoactive buzz that comes from the fact that there is a whopping 17% delta 8 in the product.  On top of that, you can savor the effects that are unique to this indica strain, along with the kief’s high CBG content that rounds out the experience.

Why Grab Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 Moon Rocks with that that sensational Zkittlez strain offer up an entirely new way to experience raw flower along with delta 8 THC.  It simply acta as a highly versatile product that’s free of additives.  That being said, anyone who is already a fan of flower will enjoy this enhanced form of hemp, while it also allows delta-8 enthusiasts to experience a wider spectrum of valuable hemp properties each time they engage in this cannabinoid’s psychoactive effects.

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