10 Reasons to Give Your fur friend Rogue Shop Dog Tinctures

Rogue Shop Dog Tinctures

10 Reasons to Give Your fur friend Rogue Shop Dog Tinctures

At Rogue Shop, we offer a wide array of hemp-infused products that you can take daily to get in the perfect dose of CBD for a holistic routine.  But, we don’t just offer products for humans.  One of our best-selling formulas is, in fact, for our furry friends “Rogue Shop Dog Tinctures”.

Our company has put a lot of work into crafting a CBD Dog Tincture by researching the nature of a dog’s body and the uniqueness of their endocannabinoid system.  This is a gentle, effective tincture formula that introduces the many benefits of the hemp plant into their bodies, while its natural bacon flavor keeps them coming back for more.  Because of this pet owners can’t stop raving about this tincture.

Now, if you’re still on the fence about administering your pup a Rogue Shop Dog Tinctures, we are going to cover all the things that make it unique, and a must-have for any loving canine owner.


Reasons for using Rogue Shop Dog Tinctures

#1: Made Just for Dogs

It’s got ingredients that are known to be safe for dogs to consume, and the milligram strength (concentration) of hemp in the formula is the right amount for a dog’s unique body.  CBD tinctures made for humans should NEVER be administered to dogs, as they typically have far more cannabidiol than a dog needs each day, along with ingredients that might be safe for us, but unsafe for them.

#2: Has a Flavor Any Dog Will Crave

We knew that our CBD dog tincture had to appeal to a dog’s senses, so we went with a no-brainer flavor: bacon.  By simply using real bacon flavoring in this tincture, no dog will be able to resist a serving.  The bacon has that rich, meaty, and bold taste that drives all canines absolutely wild.

#3: Full Spectrum

For those who don’t know full spectrum hemp contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that work together synergistically to improve efficacy, while each individual compound offers something uniquely valuable to their body.  This is known as the “entourage effect”, which can offer better results due to the presence of all of the compounds at once, as nature intended.

#4: Organically Derived

Rogue Shop works strictly with organically grown hemp plant material, and this can benefit your dog immensely.  Organic hemp is far better than conventionally grown hemp, because it’s completely free of pesticides and other potentially toxic substances used by conventional farmers.  It also offers more chemical stability, which means that its shelf life is improved while it can also boast more nutrients.  Our hemp comes from an organic farm that works hard to maintain incredibly strict growing standards.

#5: All Hemp is Third-Party Lab-Tested

The third-party testing process is extremely important as it provides an unbiased breakdown of factors that tell you the quality and purity levels of the hemp you’re about to consume.  We happily make the lab reports available to customers who want to learn more.  Keep in mind you should always avoid hemp that has not been third-party tested, as it can mean that a company has something that they are trying to hide from consumers.

#6: Contains Only Natural Ingredients Taken from Mother Nature

By not using chemical fillers or additives, your dog will receive only the finest holistic care.  Our tincture consists solely of hemp extract, real bacon flavoring, MCT oil and naturally occurring nutrients.  This way, there is no concern over what you’re putting into your canine’s body, and you can feel comfortable administering this to your canine on a daily basis.

#7: A Versatile Product

Tinctures can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Most commonly absorbed sublingually (oil is placed under the tongue in order to absorb through the sublingual tissue). This is a bioavailable delivery method that offers effects for about 3 to 4 hours at a time.
  • Add it to their food.
  • Use it as an ingredient in homemade dog treats.
  • Can be applied topically in a pinch, so that the hemp compounds directly absorb into the skin, muscles, and joints in a localized way, offering targeted relief.

#8: Easy to Administer

Rogue Shop knows that it can be hard to get your dog to take anything, especially when it’s something you want to give to them daily.  We made our tincture as easy to administer to your pup as possible.  The dropper cap holds the perfect dosage of formula so that you don’t have to waste time with pesky measurements.  That overall taste, smell and consistency is extremely agreeable to canines.  And, due to its versatility as mentioned above, you can find all kinds of unique ways to incorporate this tincture into your pup’s daily regimen.

#9: It’s Got Nutrients That are Essential to Your Pup’s Wellbeing

Dogs need a lot of support through proper nutrition, especially as they get older.  That’s why our formula is enhanced with omega fatty acids, which can improve their immune system, joints and skin health, alongside glucosamine, a naturally occurring nutrient which improves their joints and muscles.

#10: Available in Two Concentrations

Because dogs can vary so much in weight depending on their breed, age, and build, Rogue Shop made sure to offer our tincture in two milligram strengths: 250mg and 500mg.  This way, you can know that you’re giving your precious pup the perfect dosage of CBD each day based on what’s appropriate for their size.  We also offer more specific serving instructions on the label so that you can always know confidently that you’re administering the ideal number of milligrams to them on a daily basis, to yield the best results possible.

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