Cannabis Cleanse

cannabis cleanse

Cannabis Cleanse

So don’t ask me why, but recently hubby and I decided to go on a cleanse….no, not the ones where you drink weird drinks and take a bunch of herbs, but rather,  cannabis cleanse the kind where we partake in no herbs at all-if you know what I’m sayin….  We’d recently been reading about the short term memory effects of cannabis and wondered if that could be why our memories have been slacking on us… couldn’t possibly be because we are homeschooling parents who run a wholesale business, website, and manage a large scale indoor grow right?  So why would we even begin to think that we should do this?  Wellllll, according to an article published on Harvard Health, Marijuana can definitely cause memory challenges while under the influence, but users should be prepared for the possibility of cognitive problems as a result of long-term use.  Naturally this freaked us out because we’ve both been noticing our memories have taken a turn for the worse.  Now I’m not trying to dog out my favorite plant or anything, because there definitely can be some other reasons that memory decline occurs such as: lack of sleep, excessive stress, advancing age, prescription medications, life situations, and the list goes on.  But because we cannot control most of the other things on the aforementioned list, we picked the one thing that we could do something about and went cold turkey on the cannabis.


So how was it living sans cannabis and what did we discover? 

We actually learned a lot from this cannabis cleanse experience!  The first thing we noticed is that, unlike refraining from caffeine, sugar, or alcohol, all past and sometimes current demons of ours, we did not experience ANY withdrawal symptoms.  I can’t promise that it would be like that for everyone, but as fairly regular users for the past two years, I was a bit nervous about just stopping, but my fear was completely unfounded.

The second thing that we noticed was that it had absolutely ZERO effect on our memory,  if anything….it had the opposite effect on our memory!!! For both of us, cannabis has been the one thing that assists us both in sleep.  For hubby, old army and sports injuries cause him to live his life at a certain threshold of pain that prevents peaceful sleep, so for him, the pain relief without the excessive side effects that can come with prescription and/or over the counter pain relievers has been life changing!  Cannabis knocks the pain down enough that he can easily get his 7-8 hours of recommended sleep a night.  For myself, I’ve been a terrible sleeper for as long as I can remember-I’m a light sleeper, so I hear everything and wake up upon the drop of a dime and this only got worse when we had children.  I’m also a type A personality so my mind is constantly racing with shoulda, coulda, wouldas and all the other things I haven’t done or have yet to do.  Cannabis was the tool nature grew just for me, to help me shut off that switch.  Before cannabis, I was the type of person who needed 10 hours of sleep, just to feel tired and not exhausted the next day.  A bit of THC in my system and my worries fade away and I’m sleeping like a champ for 7-8 hours and awaken with enough energy to supply a small third world country!  Without the green, there has been no sweet sleep for the husband and I for a full two months.  This has manifested in extreme memory loss, excess fatigue, foul moods, and general inefficiency and high stress related to every aspect of our lives.  While purely anecdotal, the evidence for cannabis related memory loss in our home is more than lacking!

Lastly, as cannabis retailers and growers, we have felt completely out of touch with our new products and clients.  Part of being good at what we do is being able to offer first hand experiences and guidance to our customers.  How do we describe the palatability of our freshly harvested flower without a taste? How can we recommend an edible or describe the expected effects without trying it ourselves?  One of the main reasons we became growers was because we wanted to be more than just salespeople.  We wanted to know everything there is to know about the cannabis plant from seed to bottle, and that includes the experiences this wonderous plant provides, which brings me to my next questions….is there a such thing as TOO much cannabis?! ***Check out the second part of this blog “But Did You Die?”

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