Rogue Shop celebrates Holiday Season

Rogue Shop

Rogue Shop celebrates Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!!! OH MY GOSH y’all!!!! It is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year!!! I LOVE pumpkins, I love TURKEYS, I love TREES, I love all the things about the last three months of each year. This is Rogue Shop ‘s first year celebrating the holidays on the road so it will look very different for sure. I am THAT lady in our old neighborhood. We had a storage unit for all our holiday decorations.  I am not sure if I should be embarrassed about that or not-lol! Anywho! We adore decorating for the holidays, or at least I do, hubby not so much because he has to climb on the roof!!!  I was always so happy to have the children ride/drive by every year for pictures with our 12-foot spooky tree inflatable at Halloween and our abominable snowman at Christmas.  While I will miss those things, I’m super stoked about a simpler holiday season this year, one that will allow us to travel all the way to the east coast to spend the holidays with our family for the first time in over a decade!  Hubby’s job did not allow for holidays off in the past so this will truly be the first Christmas since our children (they are 7&9!) were born where we actually know for sure that he will be home on Christmas day.  While we are really looking forward to getting there, the WEEKLONG drive to get there? Not so much!

Things will probably look different this year because of COVID 19, but I hope that it won’t put too much of a damper on things.  I know for us, it has really helped us evaluate what we actually NEED from what we want, and we will be focusing a lot more on cherishing togetherness, God’s beautiful nature, and the things we already have. Many have been hit hard by this crazy year and we are so grateful to have a roof to celebrate under this year when so many do not.

We are looking at starting some new, simpler holiday traditions and would love to hear what fun ways other people celebrate.  I’d also love to hear what ways y’all would like Rogue to celebrate this year. This is our first Christmas and we want to be sure to put together some fabulous Christmas packages for you guys so we can take some stress off your back.  I’m thinking seasonal scented CBD candles, bath salts, you name it! Drop me a line with ideas, requests, comments, encouragement, whatever you want to communicate. I will listen!

One thought on “Rogue Shop celebrates Holiday Season

  1. James H. says:

    Truly the best time of year. You can literally smell it in the air. Also the best people are born in October 🤣

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