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CBD and Delta 8 Edibles

Do you have anxiety, chronic pain, or sleep troubles? How about relief for 6-8 hours? Shop our delicious CBD and Delta 8 Edibles in all shapes and sizes from gummies to chocolate.

CBD Topicals

Buy CBD Topicals from America’s most trusted Cannabidiol Topical Seller Rogue Shop. We offer a signature selection of effective CBD Topicals, pain creams, lip salves, bath salts, massage candles, massage oils, and much more.

CBD Oils

Our CBD oil is made in-house by hand from our very own indoor cannabis plants we grow in our shop. CBD Oils are great for reducing inflammation, stress, anxiety, and pain throughout your body.

Delta 8 Products

All of our Delta 8 products are made with 100% natural, hemp derived THC. Rogue Shop focuses on providing you with the best possible Delta 8 experience specializing in treating pain and sleeping issues.

Vape Carts | Dab | Moon Rocks | Kief

Like everything else at Rogue Shop, our cannabis concentrates are crafted without additives, using only natural terpenes for superior flavor and a clean experience. By extracting best components we produce high-quality THC/ Cannabis concentrates.

Vape Batteries | Dry Herb Vaporizers | Dab

The Rogue Shop’s Vape Batteries are discrete and compact batteries with variable voltage options. This is designed with the flip fob function and made explicitly to utilize oil cartridges. We also have dab rigs and dry herb vaporizers.

Vitamins & SoftGels

RogueShop's vitamins are designed to help boost your vitamin levels with ease. Shop our wide range of natural vitamins, including Vitamin D3, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Vitamin B12, Multivitamin, Marine Collagen, Fish Oil softgels to support your specific health needs and boost your overall health. Shop RogueShop's vitamins online and find the best vitamins to support your wellness goals today.

CBD and THC Beverages

Rogue Shop presents to you the best in industry Delta-8, HHC, and CBD Drinks. If you like to chase sunsets up mountain summits or kayak by moonlight, these adventurous drinks are for you. beverages

Hemp Flower

Our CBD hemp flower is the best hemp available on the market today. Our high-quality hemp help in getting immediate relief from anxiety. Inhalation of cannabis can have an IMMEDIATE effect. THC & CBD Options


CBD products for pets from Rogue Shop are made from high quality and terpene rich pure hemp extract! We have a wide selection of CBD pet products so that you can choose from many convenient ways to give your pet CBD.

Eco Home

Explore our Eco home friendly household products that you can be proud of. These products are designed to enhance a healthy lifestyle and eco friendly household.

CBD Miscellaneous

Buy Rogue Shop CBD Miscellaneous products like CBD t-shirts, Cannabis earrings, Vape batteries, Dry Herb Vaporizer and Nectar Collector, Hemp Tea Infuser, and Rogue One Hitter. Available in-store and online now with country wide delivery.



Rogue Shop is a small distributing company located in Wisconsin specializing in top-shelf , family grown hemp products. We strive to educate consumers and distributors alike on current legislation/regulations, promoting CBD awareness, proper care and storage of CBD products, and other pertinent cannabinol related information.

Not only do we visit and vet every farm, pack and ship every product, but thanks to our friends at Willow Billy Farms, we also had the exciting opportunity to grow and harvest our first crop of hemp in 2020.




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Isaac WilksIsaac Wilks
20:44 27 Oct 22
This place is super clean and very welcoming, definitely the best place to learn about what THC chemicals do for you and what’s best for you as well
Joe MillerJoe Miller
12:56 17 Sep 22
Rogue is fantastic. When I had questions an assistant popped right up on the website to answer all my questions. Their products are amazing; especially the Delta products. I’ve never slept so well in my life. Very happy customer.
Ryan BroadfootRyan Broadfoot
01:30 08 Sep 22
Rogue Shop is one of the best shopping experiences I’ve ever had, their store has an indoor cannabis grow “Which is cool as heck” and they really know everything about plant medicine. Thanks so much guys, my pain has been managed and my sleep has never been better. I also order online sometimes and they have boxes with personal notes and it’s very discreet.
Sean SchutzeSean Schutze
21:42 31 Aug 22
I bought the Delta-9 gummies and I really enjoyed them. However, when I decided to buy more I noticed in order to get free shipping I needed to buy $75 dollars worth of product. Because the prices aren’t rounded up, my cart ended up totaling 74.98, and hence did not qualify for the free shipping.I would suggest rounding up your prices or make sure orders for 74.98 qualify for free shipping.
Robert KempRobert Kemp
20:50 31 Aug 22
Rogue Shop is first Class all the way. From consulting with you on what products you need to a handwritten than you note they actually care about their customers. Every product I have purchased has exceeded expectations. If you have any sleep issues I highly recommend their Delta 8 products.