Hemp Recipes


Hemp Recipes

Things have been so quiet and peaceful around here…said no mom ever! That is a good thing though right? Our hemp plants are growing and maturing and are basically like tweens right now….most of the time they still love us and behave….but sometimes hormones hit and they don’t want to deal with us. They are also starting to bud!!!! For you green thumbers out there, you know the excitement I am talking about—that first bud is so exciting because it is confirmation that you are doing it right and even though your kids hate the meatloaf you made for dinner, your plants still appreciate your cooking 🙂

Aside from our awesome hemp game, I have been in the kitchen cooking up a couple things that will hopefully be perfected and ready for you awesome peeps in the very near future.  I’m super excited today because we made some good headway with new product development (read: failed every recipe, but know what I did wrong and all my new supplies have been ordered from Amazon so I will try again next week) AND the hubs is taking us to Seattle for some reconnaissance and a little bit of pacific northwest beach time. We LOVE to travel and traveling for work is even more satisfying because you are killing two birds with one stone!  I’d love to hear everyone’s recommendations for must sees in the Seattle area. Drop me some comments below with your favorite Seattle things.

Also, I’ve been struggling with this idea, which I think is really awesome and everyone will love if I can make it work, and it has been driving me absolutely BATTY!!! I’m talking, can’t eat, can’t sleep, thoughts bouncing around in my head ALL DAY about this idea kinda thing.  Have you ever had like this great idea, but just don’t have the skills to make it happen? That’s where I am at right now. I want to make this super secret recipe happen, but I will be honest, I’m just not that great of a cook, nor am I creative enough to make something brand new like this by myself.  SOooo for now, I’m at a bit of a stand still and swirling this stuff around and around in my brain, so this trip will hopefully bring some much needed kitchen connections and a brain break.  I’d love to know that I am not alone in this. Feel free to share your struggles and how you’ve over come them.  Let’s motivate each other to overcome and persevere.

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