What hemp can do?


What hemp can do?

All the farmer talk about hemp is fabulous, but what else are we working on here at Rogue Shop? We love to take field trips to different farms in the area and to different cities. Being in the pacific northwest gives us a unique opportunity to see what creative souls are doing with hemp’s older sister…marijuana.  Knowing what is possible with marijuana gives us a future view of what is and what will be possible with hemp.  If you are a fan of the benefits of marijuana, but simply cannot find the motivation to adult under the blanket of her psychoactive effects, hemp offers almost all of the same popular indulgences, without the side effects or potential legal/employment woes.  So many people we talk to are not aware of just what hemp can do!


As you can see , cannabis is a veritable powerhouse of healing and there are just as many ways to access those benefits too.  For those with a busy lifestyle, elixirs, salves, and edibles are a quick way to unlock those hempy benefits. Check out a 1,000mg elixir or our incredible small batch, handmade caramels!  Maybe you have a more flexible schedule and you have time for a relaxing bath with a steaming cup of kief tea (don’t know what kief is? Stay tuned to our next blog for more info about this CBD heavy hitter) before bed-sweet! We got something for that too! Lastly, you have all the time in the world? Even better! Grab a fresh bud and pop a nug in our awesomely convenient one hitter, or try a luxurious palm leaf pre-roll because sometimes you gotta treat yo’self!  There are even more ways to utilize hemp than I’ve listed here and Ricky and I are working on some new projects that should drop soon so you can keep getting your CBD fix in new and exciting ways J For now, let me leave you with an easy bath salt recipe that you can make at home with just 4 ingredients!


Rogue Soak


  • 1/2 tablespoon of Rogue Shop 1,000mg elixir
  • 1 ½ cups of Epsom salt or your preferred soaking salt
  • 3-4 drops of your favorite scented essential oil (I like lavender because its gentle on the skin)
  • **Optional***1/8 cup of dried flowers (again, I just REALLY love lavender it smells SOOO good!)

This batch makes about 2 bath soaks worth of 500mg CBD. You can always adjust this recipe according to your own needs by using lower or higher dosages of cbd elixir.


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