CBG Hot Cocoa : Christmas Wishes

CBG Hot Cocoa

CBG Hot Cocoa

So remember that blog a while ago where I said I was working on a couple things that I was really excited about? Welllllll…….one of them is done and just in the nick of time. Want to know what it is? Ok, ok, twist my arm, I will tell you! It is CBG Hot Cocoa!!! You probably also remember me raving like a lunatic about how much I love the holidays and that definitely includes holiday drinks. There are so many cool ways to get your CBD dosage, but man! Cocoa has got to be the most fun way! A few months ago we stumbled upon an isolate deal that we just couldn’t refuse (yes, I said that in the Godfather voice AND rubbed my chin a little for extra emphasis) so I set about figuring out what I can do with isolate and welp….you can do just about anything with isolate because it is virtually odorless and tasteless. So I said to myself….I love cocoa, I love CBD….what if I put my CBD in my cocoa?

So after like 20 different versions of cocoa mix recipes, we finally found a solid mix and then I just had to get the isolate dosage right. So just to clarify things about dosages…..while there is some very vague basic calculations that we can make to figure out the miligrams of CBD in a product, there is a lot of trial and error too. We have to try to peg exactly how much isolate to add to how much cocoa mix, in order to get to the dosage that we promise on our packaging. Sometimes we luck out and when we send it to the lab, we get the calculations right the first time. Sometimes we have to try 3 or 4 different versions of a recipe to get the CBD ratio right (lip salve….I’m talking about you! Argggh!). This cocoa came back right the first time so it was totally worth all the cocoa we had to drink to make sure it was perfect and let me tell you that it was absolute TORTURE testing this recipe over, and over, and over until we had it right. It also costs us a LOT of marshmallows! LOL!
Soooo without further adieu….I am stoked to announce that our CBG Hot Cocoa is now available in our shop in single serving packets, 3 serving packages, and holiday packages with a holiday scented massage candle and lip salve.

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