How to Get Your Delta 8 Dab On

Delta 8 Dab

Did you know a lot of hemp enthusiasts can’t get enough of delta 8 THC due to its mild psychoactive effects?  These effects are also quite “mellow” compared to those of delta 9 THC.  Yet, there are still strong enough to offer a truly amazing experience.  But what about delta 8 fanatics who are ready to take their favorite cannabinoid to a new level?  Well, you might want to look into dabbing with delta-8 concentrates.  We know what you might be thinking, as the idea of dabbing delta 8 THC might be sorta intimidating.  So, allow us then to help get you started in order for you to properly get your “ Delta 8 dab on”.

What is Delta 8 Dabbing?

Dabbing is the act of flash-vaporizing hemp concentrates through the use of a dabbing device.  “Dabs” are concentrates, which naturally have extremely high potency levels due to the fact that the compounds in hemp are heavily concentrated during the process of making them.  This means that, in short, delta 8 dabs are much stronger in terms of psychoactive activity than standard delta 8 products on the market that are made with distillates diluted into other ingredients.

Dabbing with delta 8 doesn’t just mean stronger effects, either.  Because of how bioavailable this method is, the effects tend to be felt almost instantly, and usually don’t last for as long as, say, regular delta 8 vapes.

Trusting the Dabbing Process

Dabbing is a unique process that you need to understand ahead of time.  Why?  Because it’s not as intuitive as, say, popping a delta 8 gummy into your mouth.

Dabbing requires the use of a dabbing device, which we will explain in more detail later on here.  Dabbing devices, both analog and electronic, are vaporizer devices that flash-vaporize the concentrate, heating it to extremely high temps (usually between 500-700 degrees) so that the concentrate melts and turns into vapor easily.

One major difference between dabbing and regular vaping is that the component that contains the dab, whether it be a banger bucket, chamber, or nail, is pre-heated before the concentrate is applied.  This allows the concentrate to melt on contact to instantly produce vapor.

Types of Delta 8 Dab

Each type of delta 8 dab is produced in a specific way.  There is no singular “ultimate” type of dab – in other words, there is no type of concentrate that’s considered objectively better than the rest.  Each one offers something unique.

  • Wax: Delta 8 wax is a wax-like concentrate that is produced by applying butane as a solvent to the plant material. It’s then heated to concentrate the compounds, resulting in a golden, sticky substance.  Wax is potent and is known for having great flavor from the terpenes.
  • Shatter: Delta 8 Shatter is essentially wax that has been processed for longer, thus concentrating it more. It’s more potent than wax and has less flavor because the terpenes have been further evaporated.  Shatter gets its name from its brittle, glass-like texture.
  • Distillate: Delta 8 distillate is pure delta 8 THC concentrate made from distilling the plant material until only the delta 8 cannabinoid is purified. It’s a thick, clear liquid that contains no terpenes or other hemp compounds.
  • Crumble: Delta 8 Crumble is a crumbly, soft concentrate that results from applying moisture during the concentration process. Known for offering some of the best flavor around.
  • Sauce: Delta 8 Sauce is a “sauce”-like concentrate that seems to best retain the full chemical composition of the plant material, offering the entourage effect by being full spectrum.

Dabbing Devices 101

Next, we will cover the different types of dabbing devices that you can use to vaporize the dabs above.  Again, with choosing a device, it is all about personal preference, because each system offers something unique to the user.

Traditional Delta 8 Dab Rigs

Traditional dab rigs look a lot like standard water pipes.  Except, rather than using a bowl, they have a nail, which is a surface that is preheated with a butane torch before the concentrate is applied to it.  Dab nails can be replaced with buckets known as “bangers”, which are usually made from quartz and preheated just like nails, while holding more product and providing even heat distribution.

Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors are relatively new to the dabbing scene but are already becoming very popular thanks to their ease of use and portability.  They are long, straw-like analog or electronic devices with a heat-resistant tip at the base, which is pre-heated and then dragged along concentrate sitting in a dish so that the concentrate vaporizers instantly and is inhaled through the straw piece.


An e-nail is an electronic device that is attached to a traditional dab rig.  Their job is to allow the nail to reach a specific temperature so that the user does not have to apply a torch flame to the nail.  This lets the user select their desired temperature and know with certainty that the temp is being achieved each time the user takes a dab hit.

Dab Pens/Wax Pens  

Dab pens/wax pens are portable electronic vaping devices that contain a chamber that’s heated before the concentrate is applied to it.  They come with different temperature settings that the user can select, plus are great for dabbing on the go.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers, like dab pens, are fully electronic, and are large enough to require that they’re placed on a surface such as a table.  They produce bigger hits because:

  • Various temperature settings
  • Have higher output capabilities
  • Hold more concentrate at a time

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dabbing You NEED to Know

Before you start dabbing, there are some important rules to follow, both to ensure safety and a generally satisfying dabbing experience.


#1: Do: Start Slow

Delta 8 concentrates are more potent than standard delta 8 THC products, so start slow, taking just one hit to see how you feel.  You may find that one hit is plenty to give you the strong psychoactive effects you’re seeking out.

#2: Do: Explore Different Dabbing Styles

There are so many dabbing products on today’s market, including different concentrates and dabbing devices, so we encourage you to try out different options to find what works for you, rather than settling for the first dabbing products you find.

#3: Do: Look for High-Quality and Lab-Tested Delta 8 Dab

Dabs, like all hemp products, should only be purchased from a reputable company that has their products lab-tested by a third party.  So, make sure to carefully research a company through their website to ensure you’re getting only premium delta 8 THC concentrates.


#1: Don’t: Try to Dab with Another Type of Device

Placing concentrates into a traditional vape pen meant for e-liquids, or a pipe that you use for flower, simply will NOT work, and could even clog your device instead.  Concentrates are very thick and require devices capable of reaching high temps in order to vaporize.

#2: Don’t: Ignore Maintenance

Dabbing devices should be cleaned at least weekly – better yet, after each use – to ensure that the flavor tastes great, and that buildup doesn’t interrupt airflow.

#3: Don’t: Burn Your Dabs

This is the most common mistake that a lot of newbies make.  Yes, it can take a while to find your temperature “sweet spot”, but you gotta avoid going for the highest temperature when you first start dabbing, as this can burn your concentrates.  Instead, start with a lower temperature, such as 500 degrees.  From there, you can increase the temperature little by little until you find the perfect configuration.

Dabbing with Delta 8: A Whole New Way to Enjoy the Cannabinoid

Dabbing really is an awesome way to get the most out of delta8’s properties like never before.  Not to mention, dabs themselves, have concentrated levels of the cannabinoid.  In order to start dabbing like a pro and not an amateur, you’ll want to go with the highest-quality concentrates and most reliable hardware.  While it can take some trial and error to find your sweet spot, the process of dabbing is extremely rewarding, and can give experienced delta 8 users quite a lot of satisfaction with potent servings of mildly psychoactive delta 8 THC.

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