Full Spectrum Salve 4000mg : Product Review

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Full Spectrum Salve 4000mg : Product Review

No doubt folks, hemp-based topicals are here to stay!  They offer a totally unique approach to experiencing the properties of the hemp plant so that we can enjoy localized effects within the body’s muscles, joints, and skin, which often need a little bit of extra tender loving care.  Speaking of providing out bodies with TLC, Rogue Shop’s Full Spectrum Salve is a powerful topical formula that is massaged into the skin, reaching the joint and muscle tissue quickly while leaving the skin itself moisturized through the use of natural ingredients.  This salve is a best-selling item thanks to its phenomenal formula that can seemingly do it all in a targeted way.


With a brand like Rogue Shop, you can expect some old-world-style imagery on the packaging, and that’s exactly what you get.  Looking at the jar containing the salve, you will envision old general stores and apothecaries of centuries ago, thanks to the use of antique-inspired typeface and overall design.  This makes you feel like you’re getting a handmade item produced in small batches, with each and every ingredient blended into the formula with love.

The green glass jar is made from a very thick and durable material, and this isn’t just for looks.  Rogue Shop has gone above and beyond to ensure that the contents stay as fresh as possible, since the hemp extract along with the other plant derivatives will degrade if not kept in the proper type of container.  The green glass prevents oxidization so that your salve always stays fresh and potent.  Meanwhile, the label itself offers all of the important information about what’s inside and how to use the product for the best results.


Nowadays, companies have to work harder than ever to be transparent with customers, since there is a lot of low-quality hemp on them market.  The good news is that with Rogue Shop, you don’t need to worry.  The seed-to-sale approach to selling these products has paid off big time by giving customers assurance that every aspect of manufacturing is done with the highest standards.  While scoping out the product page for this salve formula, you’ll be able to look through every ingredient to know exactly how much hemp you’re getting per jar.

Meanwhile, our website shares all kinds of information about how the products are produced, including how the hemp material is sourced.  Willow Billy farms, a small-family business in Oregon, is responsible for cultivating the hemp plant.

Other Actives

This CBD salve is infused with all kinds of plant derivatives that act as additional active ingredients, adding to the properties and overall effectiveness of the formula.  Rogue Shop has sourced some of the finest natural botanicals and herbs to add to the potential of what this salve can do when used to alleviate localized discomfort.  The hemp extract is blended with white willow bark, calendula, St. John’s wort, kava kava, yarrow, passion flower, cat’s claw, arnica, marshmallow, comfrey, lavender, spruce, and rosemary.  Each of these added ingredients help deliver results through the power of mother nature.

Overall Formula

This 4000mg Full Spectrum Salve offers one of the best formulas around.  We already covered its wonderfully lengthy list of additional active ingredients, all derived from natural plant sources.  The other ingredients are also plant-based, including beeswax, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.  These ingredients all known for their intensive moisturizing properties that keep the skin soft and glowing.  There are zero chemicals in the product, and the salve is very gentle on sensitive skin.


Like all products from Rogue Shop, this salve contains hemp that has been fully tested by a third-party laboratory.  Lab-testing through a third-party source is a critical means for quality control and gives customers assurance that they’re getting only a clean and high-quality product.  The lab used by Rogue is registered with the state, meaning that they’re qualified to analyze samples of hemp for potency, purity, chemical composition and quality.  The lab reports are available through the company website.

Full Spectrum Salve Aroma Profile

As you may have already guessed; that glorious aroma profile is derived from its blend of botanicals and herbs.  You’ll get: woody lavender, herbaceous rosemary, and a generally aromatic scent that’s fresh, clean, and spa-like.

Type of Experience to Expect from Full Spectrum Salve

If you’ve never used a topical before, then you may be surprised by how effectively it works.  Especially, when it’s an exceptionally crafted topical like this salve.  Simply scoop out a little bit from the jar and massage it into the skin where you’re desiring localized relief.  It should melt right away due to the high presence of oils and beeswax, while easily sinking into the skin in just minutes (takes effect in as little as 15 minutes, lasting for about 6 hours).  You may find that the muscles and joints in the area of application start to release tension in a way that is very unique from other hemp-based products.  Meanwhile, the wonderful aroma can lift your spirits.

Why Grab Some Full Spectrum Salve?

Rogue Shop’s 4000mg Full Spectrum Salve is simply a phenomenally potent topical made with only the cleanest ingredients that mother nature has to offer.  Our company has even gone to enormous lengths to offer a topical that’s capable of delivering the results that CBD users are looking for.  So, if you’ve been looking for a way to have topicals become part of your CBD routine, whether it’s for working out, other daily activities, or need something for pain relief, this is an awesome choice.

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