Which Delta 8 Products Should Newbies Go With?

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Which Delta 8 Products Should Newbies Go With?

Did you know more hemp lovers are incorporating delta 8 products into their daily routines?  In fact, this offers an entirely new type of hemp experience thanks to delta8’s unique effects that differ a lot from those of CBD.  Delta-8 is more widely available than ever before, and here at Rogue Shop, we’ve developed a premium lineup of awesome delta 8 flower, vapes, gummies, tinctures, and more, all made with the purest delta 8 THC extract and natural ingredients.

If you’re a delta 8 newbie, Rogue Shop wants  to help you decide which of our delta 8 THC products is the way to go based on your unique needs and preferences.  We know that this submarket can be intimidating, but we’ll walk you through it so that you can find the ultimate product choice to enjoy the best results possible.

Delta 8 THC: The Basics

Delta 8 THC is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, which is federally legal and legal in most states throughout the country.  It gets you about 70% as high as delta 9 THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, and a lot of users say that the high is extremely relaxing and mood-boosting, making it a great choice for those with anxiety, stress, depression and sleeping disorders.  Further, delta 8 seems to offer pain relief by relaxing tense muscles, making it a great choice for when you’re looking to unwind.

Choosing a Delta 8 Product

Although delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid in hemp, it can be extracted from the plant material and concentrated, allowing us to easily incorporate it into all kinds of formulas.  This way, you can enjoy delta 8 in your preferred delivery method of choice, just like you do with CBD.

Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 flower is a great product for those who already enjoy CBD flower.  It’s simply raw hemp flower buds that are infused with pure delta 8 THC extract, so that you can enjoy the properties of the whole flower along with an extra side of psychoactive delta 8.

You can find delta 8 flower in a wide variety of strains, as well as both loose bud and pre-roll forms.  Flower is a versatile product that you can enjoy by vaping, smoking or even cooking with it.  Many people love flower because it undergoes the least amount of processing out of any hemp product on the market.

The delta 8 flower products that we offer at Rogue Shop include:

Delta 8 Vaping Products

Delta 8 vapes are a fan favorite, offering fast, potent and short-lived delta 8 effects while being convenient, discreet and available in many different strain options.  Most prefer delta 8 vape carts, which are 510-threaded vape cartridges universally compatible with standard 510-threaded vape pen devices.  The best delta 8 vapes on the market contain nothing but pure delta 8 extract blended with naturally derived terpenes.  At Rogue Shop, we have your delta 8 vaping needs covered.

  • Delta 8 Vape Carts (1ml): Our delta 8 vape carts provide a full milliliter of pure hemp compounds, and you can choose from a very large variety of strains, both rare and highly sought-after, based on the effects you’d like to feel.

Delta 8 Dabbing Products

Delta 8 dabs are extremely popular, but not for beginners.  That’s because dabs are extremely potent, as they are concentrated forms of delta 8 and other hemp compounds.  They are vaporized with a dabbing device, and the effects are far stronger than what you’d get out of any other type of product.  If you do eventually graduate to dabbing by building up a nice tolerance to delta 8 THC, these are the products you can find at Rogue Shop:

  • 1 Gram Delta 8 Dab: Our delta 8 dab offers a phenomenal 95.9% purity level and contains nothing but pure hemp compounds.
  • 2 Gram Delta 8 Dab w/ Diamonds: Our special 2 gram dab offers the same stunning purity level, while containing 100% pure CBD diamonds in the popular sativa Sour Diesel strain.

Delta 8 Edibles

Delta 8 edibles can be a lot of fun, both because of their flavor and their effects.  There’s no doubt that the majority of delta 8 fans prefer candies, such as gummies, lollipops and more.  Besides how they taste, they behave quite differently from other hemp products.  Edibles offer the longest-lasting effects out of any delivery method, with effects lasting for up to 8-hours at a time.  Further, edibles are known for triggering a “body high” that feels uniquely relaxing throughout the muscles, while still delivering the cerebral effects associated with delta 8 THC.  If edibles are what you’re looking for, try these products below at Rogue Shop:

  • Delta 8 Gummies (50mg or 100mg): Mouthwatering fruity gummies, available in either 50 or 100mg per piece concentrations for those who want a good deal of potency. You’ll enjoy an assortment of fruit flavors, all captivating with their sweetness.
  • Delta 8 Jolly Pop (50mg): Instead of gummies, you can go for our delta 8 lollipops, which offer a total of 50 milligrams per piece.
  • Delta 8 Rogue Ranchers (30mg): If hard candies are more your style, our Rogue Ranchers are the way to go, with 30 milligrams of delta 8 in each portion.

Delta 8 Tinctures

Last but not least, we have delta 8 tinctures, which are absorbed below the tongue in the form of a delta 8-infused oil.  These formulas dilute the delta 8 in a carrier oil, offering many different potency levels (milligram strengths) from which you can choose.  The effects are a bit gentler than vapes, but more fast-acting and stronger than edibles, making them an easy choice for many.

  • Delta 8 Tinctures: We’ve gone above and beyond to deliver the finest delta 8 tincture out there, which has the unique option of letting you choose from loads of popular strains. We offer both 1000mg and 2000mg strengths, and you can even enjoy a formula that combines delta-8 with CBD to offer gentler yet still enjoyable effects.

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