Hemp Gift for holidays from Rogue Shop

Hemp Gift

Hemp Gift for holidays from Rogue Shop

Rogue Shop is proud to sell our premium-grade, lab-tested hemp products to our loyal customers all throughout the year.  But, the holidays are one of our busiest times of year, and for good reason.  Not only can CBD help manage holiday stress, but it makes a wonderful gift for just about everyone on our list.  Giving the hemp gift tells our loved ones that we care about their wellness, and that we always want them to feel their very best.  With so many valuable benefits found within the hemp plant, CBD gifts can help your loved ones with stress, pain and general wellbeing.

When checking out our amazing selection of products, you will find that we have everything from organically grown CBD flower to carefully formulated hemp tinctures.  We even carry locally crafted jewelry from our favorite artisans.  But, if you’re in need of some extra help this season, Rogue is here to help with some amazing hemp-infused gifts that will never disappoint family or friends.

Holiday Season Hemp Gift #5: CBD Full Spectrum Gummies 

Candy is a pretty common gift for the holidays, but these beauties come with a twist.  Each and every delicious gummy in this jar contains 50 milligrams of full spectrum hemp, rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and flavonoids that work together harmoniously to deliver the many known properties of the hemp plant.  With 30 gummies in a jar, your loved one will enjoy a month’s supply of some of the finest CBD available anywhere, while being able to treat their taste buds with each and every serving.

Why CBD Full Spectrum Gummies Make for a Great Gift:

  • User-friendly
  • Delicious fruity gummy flavor
  • 50mg CBD per piece
  • Full spectrum hemp for max results
  • Festive-looking package
  • Perfect for everyone

Holiday Tip: CBD gummies are great for those who are new to cannabidiol, since they have a delicious flavor and are so easy to take.

Holiday Season Hemp Gift #4: Rogue Soak

If there’s a special someone in your life who could really use some more self-care, our Rogue Soak is the perfect choice.  This luxurious, aromatic bath soak inspires them to enjoy some much-needed “me-time,” in a way that can dramatically reduce stress and muscle tension.  A blend of magnesium-rich Epsom salt, calming lavender essential oil and pure CBD distillate ensures that each soak in the tub is a restorative and relaxing experience.  While the lavender eases the mind, the CBD and magnesium sink deep into the muscles to rejuvenate them from head to toe.

Why Rogue Soak Makes for a Great Gift:

  • Luxurious lavender aroma
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Great for tense muscles and mind
  • All-natural, gentle ingredients
  • THC-free
  • Great for bath lovers

Holiday Tip: Combine our Rogue Soak with some bubble bath, herbal tea and fuzzy slippers to make the perfect “self-care” holiday gift basket for someone you care about.

Holiday Season Hemp Gift #3: Rogue de CoCo

Who doesn’t look forward to sipping some hot chocolate during the chilly months of winter?  Well, this isn’t your ordinary hot cocoa mix.  Velvety cocoa powder is blended with 500 milligrams of CBG (cannabigerol), another notable cannabinoid known for its particularly powerful anti-inflammatory effects.  This hot cocoa mix blends easily with milk or water and comes in a resealable pouch to keep its contents fresh.

Why Rogue de CoCo Makes for a Great Gift:

  • Seasonal twist
  • THC-free and non-intoxicating
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory properties
  • Absolutely delicious
  • Made with natural ingredients

Holiday Tip: Pair this luxurious CBG hot cocoa with a decorative mug and some artisanal marshmallows to really wow your loved one.

Holiday Season Hemp Gift #2: Pain Salve

We all have that friend or family member that’s constantly talking about their aches and pains.  Or, we may know an athlete who pushes their muscles to their limit.  Either way, this pain slave is an excellent gift for pretty much anyone.  This ultra-rich salve formula is infused with soothing anti-inflammatory CBD that sinks deep into the muscles and joints with each application.  It’s joined by yarrow, kava kava, comfrey, passion flower, and other natural, plant derivatives known for their soothing, pain-relieving effects, to offer a 100% all-natural formula that glides on easily and works effectively throughout the day.

Why Our Pain Salve Makes for a Great Gift:

  • Perfect for anyone with aches and pains
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting
  • Gives the skin a glow

Holiday Tip: Give our Pain Salve along with our Rogue Soak for an intensive muscle-restoring experience.

Holiday Season Hemp Gift #1: Black Friday Box – Full Spectrum

Our Black Friday Box – Full Spectrum is the perfect choice for the holidays, as it was designed exactly for this purpose.  Each gift has been repackaged to be holiday-themed, and the box even comes with a festive bow.  So, what’s inside?

  • Rogue de Coco: Velvety rich cocoa powder combined with 500mg CBG for its anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Full Spectrum Salve: Our best-selling pain salve that uses a blend of natural ingredients to offer relief from tense muscles and stiff joints
  • Full Spectrum Tincture in Candy Cane: A full spectrum CBD tincture with a festive candy cane flavor, which absorbs sublingually to offer head-to-toe relief.

Why This Neat Black Friday Box Makes for a Great Gift:

  • 3 products in 1 box
  • Festively decorated
  • Seasonal flavors
  • User-friendly formulas
  • Perfect for just about anyone on your list
  • Natural ingredients

Holiday Tip: This is the perfect choice for hemp newbies who want to see what different products can offer to their daily routines.

Happy Holidays from Rogue Shop!

Don’t have time to shop for Christmas gifts?  That’s ok!  We’ve got you!  Rogue Shop made it easy for you to gift health and self-care this season.  That’s right, this holiday season, let Rogue Shop help you make all of your loved ones’ holiday dreams come true with exceptional hemp-based products capable of giving them the relief that they so deserve.  These stocking stuffers are perfect for just about everyone on your list – friends, parents, spouses, siblings – and offer a much-needed personal touch to the gift-giving season.

Check out these awesome products and more on our website, as we’re certain that you will find all kinds of gems that are going to be irresistible to the most special people in your life.

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