Can Delta 8 THC Change Your Sex Life?

Delta 8 THC Change Your Sex Life

Can Delta 8 THC Change Your Sex Life?

As another day of love approaches, I wanted to take a moment to look at how cannabis can improve intimacy or how delta 8 THC change your sex life.  The cannabis underground has been buzzing for quite some time about buzzed sex, but now, researchers are starting to take some cues from anecdotal evidence to suss out just how uncanny it is that cannabis can both relax and excite us in the sheets.

There are a few reasons why you might want to pop a gummy or take a hit of Delta 8 before jumping in the sack with your significant other:

    1. Cannabis affects the cannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system helps the whole body maintain homeostasis, including the reproductive and endocrine systems.  What this means is when our hormones and reproductive systems are regulated, the potential to experience less pain and more pleasure increases exponentially.

    1. Cannabis lowers anxiety while heightening sensitivity to touch.

In a 2019 study of 216 participants, 52.3% reported cannabis use in conjunction with sex and 38.7% of them stated that sex was better with the addition of THC. Of 202 participants, 149 reported increased satisfaction and 132 said they had increased intensity of orgasms.

    1. Cannabis is reported to increase sexual desire, particularly in females.

What does this mean? This means to grab your girl and some gummies and flip the do not disturb sign ASAP.  One edible and two hours later, you are 50% more likely to have a frisky female on your hands.

So what does this have to do with Delta 8 and Sex?

Quite a bit actually! Since several preliminary studies suggest that Delta 8 is a more stable compound than D-9, thanks to its lab enhanced nature, the results that you expect to experience should happen each and every time, consistently.  As amazing as D-9 products are, unless you are getting them from a reputable retailer, which can be difficult in certain states, due to legal issues, you can’t be quite sure what you are getting and how it will effect you.  Most seasoned THC users can recall a time or two where their bodies didn’t react quite favorably to a hit or bite of the green.  Delta 8 is legal in most states and sold by many reputable retailers, so you can generally feel confident that when you pop an edible or take a hit of a certain dosage, you should feel some kind of way, the SAME kind of way, every single time.  There’s no room for mistakes in the bedroom, so with Delta 8, you can feel confident that you will experience the same anecdotal magic time after time.

So if I want to experience the sexual benefits of Delta 8,  how do I know if I’m getting it from a reputable retailer?

First and foremost, check out the retailer themselves. Is this a clean, licensed business with retail and business licenses prominently displayed? Getting your legal THC products from a fly by night pop-up retailer or gas stations who are lacking trained and educated employees is not usually a good idea.

Secondly, does the retailer have current third-party lab testing on all the products they offer in their store?  Several studies have found that many CBD products do not contain the amount of CBD that their packaging says they contain.  Retailers can protect their consumers by requiring up to date COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) from all of their vendors.  This not only protects the retailer from carrying products that may be against the law in their particular state, but it most important protects the consumer.  You care what you put in your body and you have a right to be sure that you are getting what you paid for and that it is coming from a reputable manufacturer.

Lastly, check out the company’s website.  When you buy a product from a retailer, how can you be sure that these are real companies who have a standard of compliance, reliability, and safety?  You can check out their website.  If you visit their website and there is nothing about the company, how their products are manufactured, and how they are compliant, as well as standard terms and conditions, returns and privacy policies……this may not be a company that you want to continue to purchase from.  At the very least, reach out to the company via their contact link and see if you actually get a reply back.

Sadly, there are many CBD companies who are in the industry to make a quick buck and don’t actually spend the time to get everything up to legal speed before hitting the market.  As the consumer, it’s important for you to know how to navigate these pitfalls and protect yourself.

Here at Rogue, we’ve made it easy for you to spice up your Valentine’s Day by gathering an assortment of 3rd party, lab tested hemp derived products so you don’t have to.  Our Valentine Vixen Box comes with sensual  handcrafted CBD massage oil, delicious delta 8 gummies, a rose scented candle, Hershey’s chocolate kisses, and third-party lab testing.  Pop a gummy and grab your lover for an amazing Valentine’s Day you will want to repeat year after year.

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FDA Report Evaluates CBD Product Labeling Accuracy.

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